2021 Season expectations

The Chatham Youth Soccer Association is determined providing a whatever possible playing season for 2021.

As it is unknown when and to what extend COVID-19 restrictions allow for a safe return to play, the CYSA will follow the local Health Unit, the Municipality and the Ontario Soccer return to play requirements and protocols.

Refund Policy

A full refund, subject to a $35.00 administration fee will be provided if request received prior to May 1 of the current season.

No refund will be approved if requested after April 30 of the current season.

Should the COVID-19 pandemic force cancellation of the entire season, arrangements will be made for refunds of all registration fees, minus a $35.00 administration fee.

Proposed Game nights (update)

Age GroupBornWeekly gamesGame Time Age GroupBornWeekly gamesGame Time
Girls Under-42017Thursday6:30 PM Boys Under-42017Thursday6:30 PM
Girls Under 52016Wednesday6:30 PM Boys Under 52016Wednesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 62015Monday6:30 PM Boys Under 62015Tuesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 72014Thursday6:30 PM Boys Under 72014Wednesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 82013(Thursday)6:30 PM Boys Under 82013Tuesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 92012(Wednesday)6:30 PM Boys Under 92012Tuesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 102011Wednesday6:30 PM Boys Under 102011Monday6:30 PM
Girls Under 112010Thursday6:30 PM Boys Under 112010Monday6:30 PM
Girls Under 122009Thursday6:30 PM Boys Under 122009Monday6:30 PM
Girls Under 132008Tuesday6:30 PM Boys Under 132008Wednesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 142007Tuesday6:30 PM Boys Under 142007Wednesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 152006Thursday6:30 PM Boys Under 152006Wednesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 162005Thursday6:30 PM Boys Under 162005Wednesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 172004Thursday6:30 PM Boys Under 172004Wednesday6:30 PM
Girls Under 182003Monday6:30/8:30 PM Boys Under 182003Tuesday6:30/8:30 PM
Women Senior2002Monday6:30/8:30 PM Men Senior2002Tuesday6:30/8:30 PM